Raw Chocolate for the Soul

Raw Chocolate for the Soul is a delightful raw, vegan no-cane sugar, artisinal, hand-crafted chocolate experience, made from entirely organic, whole foods..

Vitality Bar

May this intriguing blend of maca, tulsi, and schisandra support you in finding balance.

Heart Bar

A delicate blend of hawthorn berries, rose petals, and rose hips to warm your heart.

Love Bar

A sexy blend of codonopsis, kava, and shatavari with a touch of cinnamon and cayenne to spice up your life.

Our Story

Yes, Raw Chocolates for the Soul will tantalize your taste buds. But the real experience of our chocolate goes far beyond flavor. The raw, organic Cacao is blessed by Mother Earth and Father Sky before it makes its journey from Peru to the United States.

When I receive this beloved Cacao I hold a blessing ceremony to activate its highest healing qualities, to bring all those who eat Raw Chocolates for the Soul support, guidance and deep experiences of beauty on your highest paths. The Cacao is then stored with crystals to enhance and ground this healing energy.

The herbal recipes of our chocolates have been carefully developed to inspire healing and support and every bar is handmade in small batches with loving care. Please do allow this gift to nourish you, body, mind and soul

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Steven Lambeth // Founder